Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jom sahut seruan

Islam, where in the world it been all this time?

I tell everyone my story to let everyone realize that there are million and million of people just like me in 1998  searching for the truth and can't find way out.
There are probably million of people in California (tempat lain pon tidak terkecuali)
100 or 1000 of them that want to know the truth.

But, we as Muslim have the solution to every single one of their problems and yet, we hiding that.
Right here inside the Masjid, we have all this truth.
We have solution to every problem in the world.

They are trying to find the solution, but we are already knew this. 
We can solve every world problem with Islam.
The problem is, we are hiding from the people.

*As a mukallaf, we are adviced by our beloved Prophet, 'Those who were here, pass this on to those who are not here'*

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